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100% pleasure – 0% waiting at the ticket office

EXCLUSIVE Unique in the Pyrenees

As a skier, the only thing I hate is wasting time at the ticket office!

Marc C. (Toulouse)

Watch the tutorial video: How to load my pass onto a skicard?

The article dedicated to our mobile application Connected skiing, easy, fast

EXCLUSIVE Unique in the Pyrenees: All ski passes are undated and not nominative. Ticketing is going “all digital”, so you don’t have to go to the cash desk before you go skiing!

Your Package in 3 steps

Etape 1 Vente en Ligne Haute-Garonne Montagne - Superbagneres - le Mourtis - Bourg d'Oueil

Access the offers

To get started, download our dedicated app to your smartphone or access our website from your computer. And create your account.

Packages are cheaper here: save up to €12/package!


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Choose your plans and pay online

Browse the different package options available, from daily passes to seasonal subscriptions. Once you have made your choice, proceed to payment online securely.

NEW: our packages are undated & non-nominative!

Etape 3 Vente en Ligne Haute-Garonne Montagne - Superbagneres - le Mourtis - Bourg d'Oueil


From your secure area, load your passes onto the skicards.

For quick and smooth access to the ski lifts: in 1 click, slide your passes directly onto the skicards, using your smartphone, via contactless.

On your computer, you can also enter the numbers of each skicard.

RECYCLE: all media are compatible, even those from elsewhere or those from years gone by!

Where to find rechargeable skicards/supports?

Below you will find an interactive map of our depository partners: from Toulouse to Superbagnères, via Mourtis… no longer go to the ticket office, choose the retailer closest to you!

Practical, Fast, Economical and Flexible

No more endless waits at the checkout, with our “all-digital” ticketing, you can buy your packages online in the blink of an eye and use them immediately.

Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast or a hobbyist, our booking platform offers you a hassle-free solution for planning your mountain adventures.

So you can spend more time enjoying the snow-covered slopes and breathtaking panoramas of our Luchon-Superbagnères, Le Mourtis and Bourg d’Oueil resorts.

In addition, it is economical, because you can discover a variety of “Special Web” rates, cheaper online.

Finally, flexibility is at the heart of our approach: you can buy your tickets at any time, from anywhere, and use them according to your own schedule, the weather or whatever you want! No more constraints, no more worries – the mountain is just a click away.


From your sofa, in the car, on the train… you access our reservation platform at any time, wherever you are.

Prepare for an unforgettable experience in the mountains thanks to our “all-digital” ticketing.

Join us for a stress-free winter adventure and experience the ease of booking online. The future of the mountain begins here, with you!

We’re excited to offer you an innovative booking experience, designed to make planning your stay easier!

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Nouveauté 2024 : Tous nos forfaits sont non datés et non nominatifs
(Hors forfaits saisons & tarifs réduits)


1 A/R Télécabine 10.50€
1 Jour Télécabine A/R illimités 21€
6 A/R Télécabine Consécutifs ou pas 59€
1 Jour Télécabine Réduit Baby (-5 ans) & Sénior (+70 ans) 5€
1 A/R Animal de Compagnie 6€
Saison été Télécabine Nominatif 175€