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Luchon-Superbagnères – Summer

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In the heart of the Pyrenees

Welcome to Luchon-Superbagnères

Gondola opening dates and summer activities: July 6 to September 1, 2024

Whether you are passionate about outdoor sports or simply looking for relaxation in the mountains, Luchon-Superbagnères offers you an idyllic setting to explore the Pyrenees and enjoy unforgettable moments.

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New for 2024: All our packages are undated and non-nominative
(Excluding season packages & reduced rates)

1 gondola pass 10.50€
1 day gondola Unlimited passes 21€
6 gondola passes Consecutive or not 59€
1 Day Reduced Gondola Baby (-5 years) & Senior (+70 years) 5€
1 gondola pass Pet 6€
Summer season Gondola Nominative 175€
crémaillère expres

City & mountain destination

Valléeen elevator “La Crémaillère Express”: This elevator connects the station to the town of Luchon in just less than 10 minutes. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views during your journey.

The Town of Luchon Bustling with Activities and Events: Luchon is a bustling town with many events, festivals and activities throughout the summer. Explore the markets, restaurants and enjoy its warm atmosphere.


Fun Destination

Summer 2024 at Superbagnères promises to be rich in sporting and cultural events, attracting enthusiasts from various backgrounds.

  • On May 17, the station will vibrate as the Olympic flame passes, a symbol of peace and unity through sport.
  • June 1, the mountain trails will be the scene of the Trail Grand Prix de Superbagnères, a demanding race that will test the endurance of runners. The day after,
  • June 2, cyclists will take to the roads for the Cyclo Sportive la Lapebie, in homage to the famous local cyclist.
  • June 8, the Luchon Triathlon will offer a major challenge with its swimming, cycling and running events.
  • July 5 to 7: Luchon Aneto Trail, where participants will take on the challenge of the heights of the Pyrenees.
  • August 3 and 4, music lovers will have their share of festivities with Cosmo Jazz, an event that promises to make music resonate in the heart of the mountains. After Chamonix, the event led by Alain Manoukian moves to the Pyrenees… here in Luchon!
  • August 23, the traditional Flower Festival will amaze visitors with the beauty and diversity of the floral arrangements.
Rando Hospice de France

Hiking Destination

The Maladeta Massif in the background: Luchon-Superbagnères is surrounded by majestic peaks, climb the multiple peaks over 3000m, admire the 13 glaciers, the hundred glacial lakes and surpass yourself to reach the summit of the Pyrenees, the Aneto peak, at 3404m altitude!

GR10: Hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the famous GR10 long-distance hiking trail, which crosses the region. Enjoy breathtaking panoramas throughout the route.

Family Walks Accessible to All: Whether you are with family or friends, enjoy leisurely walks suitable for all levels. Discover the fauna, flora and exceptional panoramas.


Well-being destination

Les Thermes de Luchon: After a day of outdoor activities, relax at the thermal baths of Luchon. Enjoy the benefits of thermal waters in a soothing setting.

Bagneres Descente deux roues

Destination 2 wheels

Road & Gravel Cycling: The region offers exciting opportunities for cycling enthusiasts. One of the most emblematic routes is the ascent of Col Superbagnères from Bagnères-de-Luchon. This mountain pass, located at an altitude of 1,800 meters, offers a stimulating challenge to cyclists. The average slope is approximately 6.3%. After the effort, you can relax on the café terraces, surrounded by hikers who have come to explore this beautiful region of the Pyrenees.

Mountain biking: from enduro courses, single track to simple family walks, including technical high mountain circuits requiring solid sporting foundations. The site offers all the sensations.


Destination Sports

Golf: Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the renowned Luchon-Superbagnères golf course. Play in the middle of the mountains and enjoy the pleasant temperatures of this superb site nestled 600 m from Alt.

Paragliding: If you are looking for thrills, Luchon-Superbagnères is the ideal place to try a paragliding experience. Fly over the mountains and admire the beauty of the surroundings from the air.

Tennis: Luchon offers tennis fans one of the most beautiful practice sites in Occitania. Facing the Port of Vénasque, enjoy 4 traditional clay courts and 4 hard courts to satisfy all playing styles.



Destination steeped in history

A Place Rich in History: Luchon-Superbagnères is the second mountain resort created in France, after Chamonix. Immerse yourself in the history of Pyrenees and discover the legends that surround these mountains.

Since the 1900s, Luchon-Superbagnères has been thriving, it is the oldest resort in the Pyrenees.


Gourmet destination

The gastronomy of Luchon, anchored in tradition and the terroir, offers delights that reflect the history and pastoral life of this region of the Pyrenees. Here are some emblematic elements:

Pétéram: This dish, rooted in the Luchon of yesteryear, is made up of sheep’s feet and belly, ham, veal ruff, bacon, garlic, carrots and white wine. Traditionally, it was prepared by families and passed down from generation to generation.

Luchonnaise Pistachio: Another gastronomic treasure, Luchonnaise pistachio, is a traditional dish from the Luchon valley. There are many variations, but the family recipe passed down from generation to generation is preferred. It consists of mutton neck, country ham, Tarbes beans, carrots, onions, rind and garlic.

These dishes are steeped in the pastoral life of the region, where shepherds and their flocks have shaped the local culinary culture. Luchon, with its majestic mountains and traditions, offers an authentic gastronomic experience to all visitors!


Station de Luchon Superbagnères

Plateau de Superbagnères
31110 St Aventin

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Nouveauté 2024 : Tous nos forfaits sont non datés et non nominatifs
(Hors forfaits saisons & tarifs réduits)


1 A/R Télécabine 10.50€
1 Jour Télécabine A/R illimités 21€
6 A/R Télécabine Consécutifs ou pas 59€
1 Jour Télécabine Réduit Baby (-5 ans) & Sénior (+70 ans) 5€
1 A/R Animal de Compagnie 6€
Saison été Télécabine Nominatif 175€