A Starry Adventure in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees mountains reveal their mystical side when night falls. enjoy a star-studded adventure in the Pyrenees


Imagine yourself gliding through the air, perched more than 70 metres above the ground, aboard the Crémaillère Express gondola and experiencing a star-studded adventure in the Pyrenees. The gondola opens at night until 11pm, offering a magical adventure that takes you to dizzying heights.

We experienced the thrill of taking the gondola at night… A real good time with the family that will remain engraved in our memories! Everything was great: the welcome, the view of the city, the starry sky, the feeling of flying in the air, the nocturnal landscapes up there!
We will not hesitate to repeat the experience next year!

Camille and her little family (Agen)

To use the cable car, don’t forget to book your pedestrian pass.

The 4 good reasons to live this unique experience!

flambeaux superbagnères nocturne pyrénées

Torchlight descents

Held every Wednesday during the February holidays on the Estives trail.

The glow of the torches on the snow creates a spellbinding atmosphere, with the beauty of the mountains blending with the dancing glow of the torches.

3rd star level required
Prior registration required
Information and registration on 05 61 79 08 75

luchon nuit télécabine crémaillère express nocturne pyrénées

Experience the thrill of the Night Ascent

Riding a gondola at night adds a very special dimension to the adventure. The darkness creates an atmosphere of mystery and excitement as you silently glide towards the peaks. The starry view that gradually reveals itself as you rise is breathtaking.

Ciel étoilé

Discover a panoramic view of the Pyrenean summits

Once you reach the summit, the reward is a breathtaking panoramic view of the majestic peaks of the Pyrenees. Imagine gazing at the snow-capped mountains, bathed in the glow of the stars, creating a stunning visual spectacle.

The mythical peaks of more than 3,000 meters take on an even more grandiose dimension under the night sky, creating a magical backdrop for your nocturnal escapade.

Pic d’Aneto (3404 m), Pic du Maupas (3109 m), Pic des Crabioules (3116 m), Grand Quayrat (3060 m), etc…



Marvel with your Family or Lovers

Sharing this unique moment with family or lovers enhances the experience. The wonder can be seen in the eyes of the children who discover the magic of the mountain at night, and the complicity deepens between the couples who share this romantic moment under the stars. Create precious memories with your loved ones!

crémaillère express de nuit Luchon-Superbagnères

Treat yourself to relaxation and pleasure at altitude

After the descent, extend this adventure by settling into one of the restaurants on the plateau. Enjoy delicious local cuisine while admiring the twinkling lights of the villages below. You can also enjoy a drink to celebrate this unique experience. For the more adventurous, an outing in the fresh snow offers unique opportunities for games and entertainment!

photo terrasse restaurant superbagnères pyrénées


The terraces of Luchon-Superbagnères offer a unique experience, whether you are a skier or a hiker. Restaurants such as La Luge, La Plète, Le Super-G, Le Croque-Vite and La Chapelle will be delighted to welcome you in warm surroundings.

The peaceful atmosphere and pure mountain air create the perfect getaway, allowing skiers to recharge their batteries while admiring the majesty of the Pyrenean peaks.

The night-time opening of the Crémaillère express gondola at Luchon-Superbagnères in the Pyrenees offers much more than just a ride to the summits. It is an experience combining the thrill of the night climb, the splendor of the starlit peaks, the joy shared with family or lovers, and relaxation in a unique mountain setting.

Experience the unforgettable and discover the magic of the Pyrenees in a new light, or rather a new night.

Every Saturday until the February holidays, and every Wednesday from 14 February to 11 March 2024, subject to favourable weather conditions.

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1 Jour Télécabine A/R illimités 21€
6 A/R Télécabine Consécutifs ou pas 59€
1 Jour Télécabine Réduit Baby (-5 ans) & Sénior (+70 ans) 5€
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