Bourg d'Oueil, Le Mourtis, Luchon-Superbagnères

Fast, Easy, Connected Skiing

the MOBILE application: easy & quick SKIING IN THE HEART OF THE PYRENEES

Welcome to our new mobile application, designed to enhance your experience on the slopes! Discover the advanced features that make your stay even more practical and entertaining.

Our mobile application allows you to buy ski passes as e-tickets in the “My Tickets” tab. You have total control over the (re)loading of ski passes onto our free ski’cards, which you can find here.

Ski’card support

New innovative bracelet

Free ski'card from Haute-Garonne Montagne


As well as this, explore the interactive piste map, updated in real time, a geolocated map. Find out when the pistes and ski lifts are open. You can also use the SOS button to contact the station’s emergency centre directly if you need to, and check the weather forecast provided by Météo France.

Ideal when teenagers move around the area independently! In one click, they know where they are and call for help if necessary!



Create an account in three easy steps :

  • Step 1: Enter your surname, first name, e-mail address and password.
  • Step 2: Accept the Terms and Conditions, then continue.
  • Step 3: Choose your favourite station.
  • Congratulations, your account is now created!


Easy Shopping :

Online ticketing is now available directly from the application. All packages that do not require supporting documents are available in the “My Tickets” section.


Fast (Re)loading

Follow these simple steps to put your E-tickets on a ski’card (pass or support):

  • Press “Manage”, then “Activate”.
  • Choose the “Ski’card” support.
  • Answer “Yes” to the question “Do you have a ski’card” (use the phone’s NFC).

And more…

Check the weather forecasts from Météo France directly in the application to help you prepare for your day’s skiing.

If you don’t know where the Estives green trail is, don’t worry! Our application allows you to geolocate yourself.

Follow the opening of pistes and ski lifts in real time.

In an emergency, the SOS button lets you contact the resort’s piste service directly. Thanks to geolocation, you can easily locate the victim, ensuring that emergency services can intervene quickly and accurately.


Make the most of your skiing experience with our new Haute-Garonne-Montagne application. Download it now and immerse yourself in a connected winter adventure!

logo application + mascots Haute-Garonne Montagne

Download the Haute-Garonne Montagne mobile application.

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Nouveauté 2024 : Tous nos forfaits sont non datés et non nominatifs
(Hors forfaits saisons & tarifs réduits)


1 A/R Télécabine 10.50€
1 Jour Télécabine A/R illimités 21€
6 A/R Télécabine Consécutifs ou pas 59€
1 A/R Animal de Compagnie 6€
Saison été Télécabine Nominatif 175€
1 Jour Télécabine Réduit Baby (-5 ans) & Sénior (+70 ans) 5€